The CAS is coming! The CAS is coming! What “six strikes” means for you (Verizon’s plan LEAKED)

cas-620x344The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is coming!

The CAS is a much-anticipated¬† [or dreaded] new anti-piracy plan called the “Six Strikes” Copyright Alert System Program. It aims to thwart large-scale piracy of copyrighted works on the Internet. The CAS is the Internet Service Providers’ industry-response to concerns about secondary liability for alleged copyright infringement and piracy committed on their networks.

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Obama’s Administration Takes Tough Stance on Online Music Piracy

by Professor Tonya M. Evans

With growing concern among the music industry about infringements music copyrights online, leaders are pressing for Internet Service Provider liability with teeth. On Monday, August 30, 2010, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke issued a scathing statement about the issue urging ISPs to cooperate to shut down repeat offenders instead of turning a blind eye. The leading proposal is known as the “three strikes” or a”graduated response” theory. [for more information about Graduated Response, Professor Peter Yu’s articles on the topic.]

According to Locke, the Commerce Department is working on an administration-wide effort to address music piracy concerns online.