Will legal ed and the practice of law pivot to meet the #neweconomy & #futureofwork?

“Lawyers aren’t going away. But the way we work is changing.”

Today’s client and, more importantly tomorrow’s client, demands that lawyers keep pace with the #futureofwork in the #neweconomy. Here’s where I think we are and where we HAVE to go.

How do you foresee this directly impacting the legal industry?

Asked by interviewer Adam Keirstead

Dean Evans

Well, there’s a really interesting move in the legal industry to prepare lawyers to have conversations with technologists in the IT department and those who are coding to leverage the existing master contracts that we have in order to figure out ways that we can automate certain functions.

Essentially, there are master agreements underneath that lawyers do, and there’s coding the coders and IT specialists do. They need to be able to talk to each other. This is an area that’s ripe for innovation on the law side.

Lawyers won’t go away, but the way that lawyers are interacting with business people, and in terms of our advice and how we work with them is going to certainly change!

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