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Tech Intersect™ Podcast is a weekly show that features engaging conversations with rising stars and industry leaders that help you demystify leading-edge trends at the heart of where law, business and tech intersect.

Topics include the business, legal and ethical issues that have emerged due to the meteoric rise of Web 3.0 technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality and connected devices that make up the Internet of things (IoT).

Some of the greatest innovations present some of our most pressing legal issues and business concerns around data integrity, privacy, and security. And speaking of business, we also cover leadership, entrepreneurship, upskilling, new collar jobs, social impact, inclusion and equity and all things related to the future of technology, work and the world.

To sum it all up, you’ll hear from both new and notable legal, business and technology experts all selected to help to keep you ahead of the curve and “in the know”!

Tech Intersect #92: Marcus Garrett: How to Become D.E.B.T. Free in the New Economy Tech Intersect™ with Tonya M. Evans

In this episode of Tech Intersect, I welcome Marcus Garrett to the show. Marcus is a motivational speaker, and a #1 Amazon Kindle bestselling author of D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying. He co-founded an award-winning personal finance business dedicated to helping working professionals make money, save money, and get out of debt–reaching over 2 million downloads–before selling his stake in 2020.Today, his brand and business, The Marcus Garrett, LLC., helps employees and entrepreneurs reach F.I.R.E. to become “financially independent and retire early,” by monetizing their online brands.­­SPONSORED BY ADVANTAGE EVANS™ ACADEMY Are you ready for your advantage?  With Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the way, the cryptocurrency market is booming. And growing. With over 14,000 different types of crypto (and counting), crypto is a fast-paced, fast moving emerging asset class. Find out what banks, governments, and companies like Paypal don’t want you to know about owning crypto and holding it in your own wallet or self-guided crypto IRA. Bottom line? It’s a wave. And you deserve this opportunity to ride it all the way to financial freedom that leads to economic empowerment and generational wealth. Learn while you earn. Safely. Legally. Confidently.transform your relationship with moneygenerate wealth in the new digital cash economycreate digital ownership streams that lead to generational wealthvet, buy, store, trade, earn, and sell cryptocurrenciesengage in “defi” to lend and leverage your cryptocreate, buy and trade creative and collectible NFTs.Membership includes:Monthly live masterclassesLive Q&A with our expertsActive learning milestonesHeadlines and hot topicsReplay libraryResources Bank (a $500 value)Preferred access to invite-only eventsPreferred pricing for courses and eventsDiscounted 1:1 sessions (regularly $1,000)Join now at AdvantageEvans.com.Guest Contact:Twitter/IG: TheMarcusGarretWebsite: https://themarcusgarrett.comShow Contact:Questions and requests: hello@techintersectpodcast.com Follow: Twitter @AtTechIntersect | Instagram @TechIntersect Web: Tech Intersect Podcast  Connect for exclusive content: http://eepurl.com/gKqDyP Rapternal Music (Regulate and The Rabbit Hole) by Notty Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.Produced by Tonya M. Evans for FYOS Entertainment, LLC, and Stephanie Renee for Soul Sanctuary, Inc.Support the show (https://tinyurl.com/techintersectvip)
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