Hot off the presses, this week’s #CryptoSmartEsq News-Issue 3 (4/15/2018)

By Professor Tonya M. Evans

Welcome to this week’s CryptoSmartEsq News, my carefully curated list of current legal issues and events in blockchain and crypto. 

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Top Story

Copyright Rebooted? Blockchain tech poised to disrupt Copyright law by Tonya M. Evans (

Contrary to the national copyright law regime, public blockchains are borderless and censorship resistant. So, for example, someone in the United States could complete a transaction with someone in Switzerland without any centralized private or public intermediary. Given the ability of creators to deal directly with content consumers and licensees in this way, the power and promise of leveraging copyrighted works via blockchains becomes immediately apparent. More […]

Intellectual Property Continue reading “Hot off the presses, this week’s #CryptoSmartEsq News-Issue 3 (4/15/2018)”

EVENT: Prof by day, Poet by night explores the power of poetry & music 4/25

powerofpoetrylogo-1In honor of National Poetry Month, I put down my casebook and lesson plans for a moment to pick up a mic and reconnect with the power of the spoken word and music at “POWER OF POETRY: Exploring Women’s Empowerment through Music and Spoken Word”. This event is an open discussion promoting healthy self-esteem dialogue.

I will guide an engaging, authentic conversation about the power and inspiration of words that empower women in particular. Continue reading “EVENT: Prof by day, Poet by night explores the power of poetry & music 4/25”