Hot off the presses, this week’s #CryptoSmartEsq News-Issue 3 (4/15/2018)

By Professor Tonya M. Evans

Welcome to this week’s CryptoSmartEsq News, my carefully curated list of current legal issues and events in blockchain and crypto. 

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Top Story

Copyright Rebooted? Blockchain tech poised to disrupt Copyright law by Tonya M. Evans (

Contrary to the national copyright law regime, public blockchains are borderless and censorship resistant. So, for example, someone in the United States could complete a transaction with someone in Switzerland without any centralized private or public intermediary. Given the ability of creators to deal directly with content consumers and licensees in this way, the power and promise of leveraging copyrighted works via blockchains becomes immediately apparent. More […]

Intellectual Property

Blockchain to Enhance Online Copyright Protection in Iran (Financial Tribune)

Iran is set to transform its online copyright protection system by application of blockchain technology, head of digital media department at the Ministry of Culture announced.

‘China’s Google’ Baidu Launches Blockchain-Based Image Rights Protection Platform (Cointelegraph)

Chinese internet search giant Baidu has launched a digital image property rights management platform based on Blockchain, the company announced Wednesday, April 11. The service, called Totem, timestamps each submitted original image with a real-time identity and other user data, storing it on a traceable and immutable Blockchain. (POE): A Blockchain Project that’s Actually Useful Already ( (POE) is a cryptocurrency that began trading back in August of 2017. This coin is all about creative work, and how publishers and creators online monetize what they craft – so that can reclaim the value of their creations in a transparent way. They do this through blockchain technology. It’s essentially a platform where you can timestamp your creations, then issue content licenses to consumers.

Law & Government

9 Reasons Blockchain Projects Need a General Counsel: Expert Take (Cointelegraph)

Imagine that your ICO raised $50 mln and your cryptocurrency is trading at 100x from where you launched. Everyone loves your project, your friends and family are impressed, and you’re the darling of Blockchain. Congratulations and welcome to the big leagues! You now have a significant enterprise to protect, demanding stakeholders to satisfy, and a challenging product roadmap to deliver on. Besides talented engineers and marketers, you need a in-house lawyer on your team. Here are some reasons why.


Morrison Cohen LLP, a law firm based in New York, has developed a crypto litigation platform called the “Moco Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker. The firm’s system provides information about pending crypto cases in United States courts.


Blockchain 101: Law Schools Tackle the New Frontier (

New digital academy a first for Hogan Lovells and legal sector (Logan Hovells)

Hogan Lovells pushes into digital training realm for the first time.

20 Real-World Uses for Blockchain Technology (

You’re probably wondering what this potentially game-changing technology can actually do in the real world. Well, wonder no more. Here are 20 potential uses for blockchain technology.


Boston Blockchain Week

Aim Summit (Abu Dhabi May 2-3, 2018 via @CrowdieAdvisors@HustleFundBaby)


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