Strength in numbers! Tugg lets you get the movies you want into a theater near you!

Have a movie you want to screen at a local theater? Tugg can make it happen. And the steps are actually quite doable:


  1. Curate a Unique Movie Event with the Film of Your Choice at a Local Theater
  2. Use Your Favorite Tools to Spread the Word About Your Event
  3. Enjoy the Movies with Your Friends and Community Next to You. Then Do It Again!
  4. Meet the Required RSVPs by the Deadline and the Event will Happen

So very twenty-first century!

What is Tugg?

Tugg brings the movies you want to your local theater by putting you, the consumer, in control of booking even the biggest blockbusters.

Built around popular demand and social promotion rather than Hollywood’s top-down distribution model, Texas-based Tugg is currently in beta and “testing in select pilot cities.” Tugg has deals in place with the giant AMC, Regal and Cinemark theater chains plus a number of art house exhibitors.

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