Follow me! … to court, says Criminal Judge to Twitter over Occupy Protester Tweets

NEW YORK, Sept 13 (Reuters): “Twitter is expected to hand over tweets from an Occupy Wall Street protester to a New York criminal judge on Friday after months of unsuccessfully fighting a subpoena from prosecutors, the protester’s lawyer said on Thursday. Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino ordered Twitter earlier this week to comply with the subpoena by Friday or face contempt and a substantial fine.”

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When Social Networking Goes Wrong, Personally and Professionally

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Great article on the 10 social media blunders that can hurt your career. My rule of thumb? “Take 10 before you send.” Ten breaths, ten seconds, ten laps. Whatever you need to ensure that you fully intend to say what is in your tweet, text, post, or e-mail.

“You probably know all the ways social media can help you professionally. You can demonstrate your expertise on a topic using Twitter, network your way to a new job using LinkedIn and keep old connections fresh on Facebook.

But social media can also have a darker side.”

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Is Microblogging Protected by Fair Use? The 140 character Debate

Are tweets and status updates protected by fair use? Because there is no set number of words or set amount of a copyrighted work that may be used in all cases without the owner’s permission, the answer is a lawyerly one — it depends.

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