Evans pens essential guide to literary contracts for writers

contracts-companion-cover_200By thoroughly examining more than a dozen publishing industry contracts, this how-to guide answers the most common questions writers ask about publishing, agency, coauthoring, working-for-hire, and other agreements.

This reference breaks down the complex legalese in each contract and provides a clause-by-clause explanation of their contents. Commentary on negotiation points and the consequences related to the absence or presence of critical verbiage will help those—from the most seasoned author signing with a major publishing firm to an author who aspires to publish or is thinking of working with a collaborator on a project—who seek to demystify the process of signing important agreements operate from a more knowledgeable position.

Published by Legal Write Publications (978-0967457987). Buy now at Amazon.com.

The 411 on upcoming launch of the Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America will soon go live and its fearless leaders promise to curate “the best open access and digitized materials” at dp.la. On the heels of the Google Book debacle, libraries and other interest-holders joined forces to digitize and make available public domain & licensed works and other resources for the DPLA.

THE DPLA describes its launch as follows: Continue reading “The 411 on upcoming launch of the Digital Public Library of America”