London School of Econ & Policy Study Shows File-Sharing HELPS Creative Industries

Source: by Ernesto, Founder & EIC

“The London School of Economics and Political Science has released a new policy brief urging the UK Government to look beyond the lobbying efforts of the entertainment industry when it comes to future copyright policy. According to the report there is ample evidence that file-sharing is helping, rather than hurting the creative industries. The scholars call on the Government to look at more objective data when deciding on future copyright enforcement policies.”

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Illegal downloading can cost you $675,000 … ask Joel Tenenbaum!

Protection or overprotection?
“Protection or overprotection?

“This week, the First Circuit affirmed a $675,0000 statutory damages award against college student Joel Tenenbaum for copyright infringement. The Court held that the damages award, based on Tenenbaum’s illegal downloading and distribution of 30 copyrighted songs, was not excessive or a violation of due process.”

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UPDATE: The state of copyright law and file sharing in 2012

After a flurry of activity in some high profile copyright infringement earlier this year, the current state of the case law appears to be in a holding pattern (at least for now).

Source: (7/2012)

“File sharing in various forms has been a major focus for many copyright owners in the past few years.  Cases of alleged infringement include Kim Dotcom’s “MegaUpload”, Richard O’Dwyers “TV Shack”, resilient “The Pirate Bay”, and of course peer-to-peer sharing via torrent software.” © Baldwins l Intellectual Property 2012

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