The 411 on upcoming launch of the Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America will soon go live and its fearless leaders promise to curate “the best open access and digitized materials” at On the heels of the Google Book debacle, libraries and other interest-holders joined forces to digitize and make available public domain & licensed works and other resources for the DPLA.

THE DPLA describes its launch as follows: Continue reading “The 411 on upcoming launch of the Digital Public Library of America”

Google says “Book scanning? No harm, no foul.” The Authors Guild says “Not so fast …”

“The long-running lawsuit over Google’s decision to scan millions of books could be nearing the end game. Google’s latest filing, in a case poised to redefine copyright law, cites everything from Mad Men to minority rights to argue that book scanning is ‘fair use.'”

Read the full article about Google’s argument in support of its fair use claim, by Jeff John Roberts at

Here’s the Authors Guild take on the Google Book issue [Scott Turow, June 1, 2012]

Copyright Office Comments on Mass Digitization of Books

Credit: Public Domain Treasure Hunter

On October 31, 2011, The Copyright Office on released an Analysis and Discussion Document about the intersection of copyright law and the mass digitization of books made infamous by the likes of Amazon and Google Books. The Report titled “Legal Issues in Mass Digitization” is intended to facilitate further dialogue among the various interest-holders; namely copyright holders and content providers, third-party companies wishing to exploit literary artistic works and the general public.

The Analysis & Discussion Document notes the legal issues, possible resolutions (including both legislative and voluntary market-response approaches). It also sets forth issues to consider which should be factored into any determination of the appropriate policy for the mass digitization of books.

Read the Copyright Office Legal Issues in Mass Digitization: A Preliminary Analysis and Discussion Document