?ollywood: The Real Deal on Film in India

*Excerpt from law student firm simulation post in my Entertainment Law Spring 2012 Class.*

Byline: Written by Ami Patel. Upon graduation, Ms. Patel plans on working in the field of corporate law focusing on franchises, copyright licensing, distribution and trademark.

“Most people have heard about Hollywood. It’s that magical place in southern California with the big sign, bright lights, and movie stars. On the other hand, not that many people have heard of Bollywood. No, that’s not a typo; it’s Bollywood. Bollywood refers to a portion of the Indian film industry. What do these two conglomerates have in common? Maybe more than you may think.

Whereas Hollywood refers to almost all the movies made in the United States, Bollywood refers to just a portion of the movies made in India. Bollywood films are more similar to musicals than American movies are. There is an emphasis placed on song and dance with a storyline
intertwined between the two. All these different elements cause Bollywood movies to be around three hours long.”

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