Prof down! My injury, your gain. The most popular posts about intellectual property, revisited.

If you know me personally you probably know I’ve been going through quite an ordeal lately. Three weeks or so ago a wonderful game of tennis turned injury-laden for this aging (gracefully?) former collegiate and professional athlete.

I suffered a partial tear of my plantar fascia and was sidelined for two weeks before I could even get up and around on my own and at least return to my own city and home.

Physical therapy is just around the corner now that the acute pain and most swelling has subsided. Also just around the corner? A new sport!

Just posting a quick “check in” to assure you both my scholarship about intellectual property issues and my end of summer posts about current hot topics are “in progress”. So, my injury is your gain. I was sidelined long enough to enjoy substantial periods of rest AND to find significant pockets of productivity time in between.

Hope you’re enjoying a wonderfully restful and productive summer too. Many thanks for remaining plugged into Check out some of my most popular posts from my archives:

Be well,

Prof. TE

UPDATE: WITF Radio Smart Talk show on copyright, free exchange & the Web rescheduled 7/25 9AM

Credit: Clint M Chilcott 2008 (via shared photostream)

[See original post about this show, originally scheduled for 7/23/2012]

Many people share content they find on the Internet but are you doing it legally? How do you know for sure? Because, after all, something that is available on the Internet does not equal something freely available in the “public domain”, at least as defined by copyright law.

Get the answers to these and other questions in plain English from intellectual property and entertainment law expert Associate Professor Tonya M. Evans,  on WITF Radio Smart Talk, Wednesday, July 25th 9:00-10:00 AM Eastern (89.5 and 93.3, Central PA, USA and available via live stream).

You can also participate in the convo and submit your questions and comments by following @WITFnews and @LegalWritePub.

During the show you will:

  • Learn how to avoid infringing copyright in the online environment
  • Identify what’s considered fair use
  • Learn how to protect and share your own literary and artistic productions; and
  • Explore the free exchange of information debate

The discussion is based on Copyright Companion for Writers, by Tonya Evans.


Click to listen to Radio Smart Talk LIVE!

NOTE: If you miss the LIVE broadcast:

Legal Resources for Writers from

UPDATE: WITF Radio Smart Talk interview on copyright & the Internet postponed

Due to breaking news in the Penn State scandal and the NCAA presser, this morning’s interview on Radio Smart Talk (WITF) has been postponed and will be rescheduled. Please post your comments and questions about how copyright laws apply to and may be at odds with the free exchange of ideas in the new public commons known as the Internet.

I’ll make a note to address some of them during the interview.

Until then, here are some great resources in addition to our plain English legal reference guides, ebooks and teleclass audio downloads and our free e-Reports on various topics. One featured audio download directly on point for today’s topic is “Copyright for Writers on the Web”.

This topic is evergreen and ever-changing. So I look forward to the next opportunity to discuss it with you in the near future.

~ Prof. TE