Digital Currency Group Welcomes Dr. Tonya M. Evans to its Board of Directors

Esteemed legal and regulatory expert joins the company’s board to guide its next phase of growth

STAMFORD, CT, September 18, 2023 – Digital Currency Group today announced the appointment of its newest board member, Dr. Tonya M. Evans. Dr. Evans brings vast expertise across blockchain and digital assets, data, technology, and social justice to the position, and will help DCG scale and capitalize on future growth opportunities as the firm executes on its strategic vision.

“Tonya is a dynamic leader with extensive expertise in digital assets and blockchain technology,” said DCG Founder & CEO Barry Silbert. “She brings a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist in our industry and is a proven thought leader in the field of technology and regulation. Tonya will be an invaluable asset to the leadership team at DCG as we pursue our long-term strategic goals – I look forward to working alongside her.”

“It is a privilege to join DCG’s Board of Directors and collaborate alongside some of the highest regarded leaders in the digital asset industry,” said Dr. Tonya Evans. “I’ve long admired DCG’s position as one of the most established companies operating in the space and am eager to help support the company’s path forward as it works to transform the incumbent financial system.”

Dr. Evans is a distinguished leader in the field of law and technology, as well as a fully-tenured professor at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law with a prestigious co-hire appointment to the Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Sciences. She is a regular keynote speaker, delivering presentations that explore the legal implications of new technologies for startups, entrepreneurs, and creatives and author of Digital Money Demystified. Dr. Evans has also won several awards, including recognition on the Forbes Over 50 Investments List and the Fastcase 50 list, for her accomplishments and involvement in numerous national and international boards and committees, specifically the World Economic Forum/Wharton DAO Project Series co-led by the WEF Crypto Impact and Sustainability Accelerator.

About Digital Currency Group

Founded in 2015 by Barry Silbert, Digital Currency Group is a global enterprise that builds, buys, and invests in blockchain companies all over the world. As the most active investor in the blockchain space, DCG sits at the epicenter of the blockchain industry, backing more than 200 companies in 35+ countries. In addition to its investment portfolio, DCG is the parent company of a number of subsidiaries including Grayscale Investments, CoinDesk, Foundry, and Luno.

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