Pepperline Law Review Publishes Prof. Evans’ article, “De-Gentrified Black Genius”, which Explores Blockchain, Copyright & Creative Justice in a Web3 World

In a 2016 acceptance speech during the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards, actor and activist Jesse Williams used the phrase “gentrifying our genius ” to refer to the insidious process of misappropriating the cultural and artistic productions of Black creators, inventors, and innovators. In that speech, he poignantly and unapologetically condemned racial discrimination and cultural misappropriation. This Article chronicles the nefarious history of the creative disempowerment of creators of color and then imagines an empowering future for those who successfully exploit their creations by fully leveraging copyright ownership and transfer termination.

To that end, Professor Evans references the considerable scholarship of Professor K.J. Greene, which explores and challenges cultural misappropriation of Black musicians and composers, and build upon her own scholarship that explores the copyright transfer termination right as a potential legal tool for social and economic justice for creatives of color with cryptographically secured assets and blockchain technology.

She also references an empirical study titled U.S. Copyright Termination Notices 1977-2020: Introducing New Datasets, to explore data and extrapolations regarding likely impacts of §203 terminations since 2013.

Access the abstract and article here:

#FinancialLiteracyMonth Tech Intersect Podcast Spotlight Playlist

With over 100+ weekly episodes and counting, I’ve shared conversations with some of the foremost thought leaders and builders in the crypto and blockchain world. On this final day of financial literacy month, I’d like to share this curated list of the most popular and impactful Tech Intersect episodes for your listening and sharing pleasure.

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Tech Intersect #63:ONE/OFF-NFTs & Liberating Black Arts + Culture on the Blockchain

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Prof. Evans Joins occ comptroller for conversation about black crypto investor literacy 4/28

April is Financial Literacy Month. It is both a celebration and a challenge. Time to review, reflect, plan and act. Time to prepare for the future of money and wealth.

On April 28, 2022, Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael J. Hsu will launch the Financial Health: Vital Signs series with a discussion on minority ownership of cryptocurrency with John Hope Bryant, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Operation Hope, and Professor Tonya M. Evans of Penn State Dickinson Law.

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