What the 2024 Halving is and What it Means for the Price of bitcoin

A lot of crypto curious investors on the sidelines have been itching to get back into the market and checking in to ask me two things: 1) is the current bear market finally over? and 2) why is bitcoin consistently going up with all of the economic uncertainty in the larger markets?

QTNA. Questions that need answers.

If you’re wondering the same things Tonya, this update will give you an answer, an opportunity and a secret that most inexperienced crypto investors don’t know (but should!).

Crypto is on the rise. And even conservative naysayers on CNBC have predicted that bitcoin will be one of the top five performing assets in 2023.

But why? Why is bitcoin on the rise and energizing the rest of the crypto ecosystem?

An Answer

Experts point to the Bitcoin Halving Season as a primary reason. This is something you definitely need to understand to maintain your first-mover advantage.

Three years ago today, the percentage increase in price from the halving to the height of the market was approximately 300% to 400% after the May 11, 2020 halving! Historically, with each halving event, the price of bitcoin saw an upward trend.

The halving happens approximately every four years. And the next one happens in 2024.

Are you ready to ride the wave to the top in the next bull run?

It’s a historical fact that when the availability of newly minted bitcoins goes down, the price goes up. So think of all the gains you’ll never enjoy if you miss the next wave by watching others win from the sidelines.

Your future is in your hands. And one huge obstacle separating you from winning in the next bull run is the right opportunity to learn so you can earn.

But you’re in luck.

An Opportunity

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A secret

Here’s a secret. If you choose not to learn how to invest in crypto safely, legally and confidently right now, you’ll miss out on critical wealth-building opportunities, including:

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About Professor Evans: Tonya M. Evans is a crypto policy and education expert and full tenured professor at Penn State Dickinson Law with a Co-Hire appointment at the Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Science. She is also author of Digital Money Demystified, host of the Tech Intersect podcast, and founder and CEO of Advantage Evans Academy.

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