Conversation with Andreas Antonopoulos about “the other 6 billion” and need for diverse voices in crypto

In this episode, I speak with Andreas Antonopoulos, a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts.

He is known for delivering electric talks that combine economics, psychology, technology, and game theory with current events, personal anecdote, and historical precedent effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of blockchain technology out of the abstract and into the real world.

We covered at a high level, what blockchain is and, as the first application of blockchain technology, what Bitcoin is and the history of digital cash that predates Bitcoin. We also covered how crypto is regulated by the code itself and how crypto protocols are “rules without rulers”, why Bitcoin has endured for over ten years, the difference between public systems like Bitcoin and private systems like Facebook’s LibraCoin, tokenizing real world assets and the role that cryptocurrencies will have for “the other 6 billion” people in the world who do not currently benefit from the financial status quo.

Finally, Andreas and I discussed a recent tweet storm in response to his “intentionally provocative” tweet inviting suggestions for diverse podcasts to appear on in the blockchain space after being dismayed by the number of “white, American man in finance” suggestions he’d already received to an earlier inquiry. He shared his insights on race, gender, the myth of meritocracy and what he describes as the “dominance of the mediocre” in the crypto ecosystem. In the end, he accomplished his goal. To find podcasts like Tech Intersect to engage in conversation about the past, present, and hope for cryptocurrencies and open blockchains. This episode is sure to provoke lots of thought and conversation.


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