Snapchat and ephemeral media: trademark law implications?

Interesting post about Ephemeral Content Providers (ie, the Snapchats of the world) and intellectual property infringement.

The TMeye Blog


This morning I learned that Vladimir Putin gifted Egypt a Kalashnikov rifle on a state visit through Washington Post on Snapchat. Interesting to me was the fact that I paid full attention to this short tidbit of information due to the simple fact that I had to hold my finger down to my phone’s screen in order to watch the 10 second video, under the threat that release of my finger would cut my video off and would need to be restarted again.

Snapchat is a messaging/media sharing app which I call an ephemeral content provider (“ECP”) because it requires users to press and hold their mobile screen in order to view and continue viewing content such as pictures and short videos, which then self-destruct like a tape from Mission Impossible. Limited time is another characteristic of Snapchat: media either self-deletes 10 seconds after content is opened or is available for…

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