Evans: Prof, Poet & now Photog in Widener U’s Evening of the Arts

Credit: Tonya M. Evans, Wisdom Whispers Photograpy 2013
Credit: Tonya Evans, Wisdom Whispers Photography 2013

As a bit of a renaissance woman, I have a passion for all things intellectual and expressive. In fact, before becoming an Associate Professor of Law, I was known as “Lawyer by Day, Poet by night“. I am also obsessed with capturing the creative while viewing life through my lens.

I’m not trained (yet). But I am inspired to capture creative shots, especially city views and nature scenes. As an intellectually curious person and life-long learner, I always seek new opportunities for creative expression. With the advent of high-tech smart phone digital camera technology, I fell in love with the photographic images I captured throughout my travels.

After receiving an announcement from public relations Director Mary Allen about the Widener University’s “Evening of the Arts”, I decided that it was time for my photos to have a life beyond my smart phone and Canon PowerShot. Although not high-end photog gear to be sure, I’ve managed to shoot some beautiful photos and to nurture my creative curiosity in the photographic medium.

About the Photographic Exhibit

All five of my images are 8×10 color photographs shot with a Droid RAZR MAXX digital camera. Images were captured at various times of day over an approximately six-month period in 2013 along the east shore of the Susquehanna riverfront in downtown Harrisburg, PA. The study explores the contrast of light, reflection and shade and is also a personal comment of triumph over proverbial “troubled waters” now under the bridge. A budding enthusiast, this is my very first exhibit. I plan to study photography formally and to explore all that the photographic medium has to offer.

More Information

The Delaware campus will host an art exhibit in the Strine Atrium of the Main Law Building featuring the photographs, paintings and sculptures of its students, faculty, staff and alumni in September. The school will celebrate the show with a reception on Monday, September 23rd from 4 to 6 p.m. Click here for more information about Widener University’s “An Evening of the Arts”

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