BitTorrent launches Live P2P: “Live streaming by the people, for the people.”

In March, BitTorrent announced it is launching an open beta of BitTorrent Live, its P2P streaming protocol for the average consumer. The company boasts proudly its P2P Streaming motto: “Live streaming by the people, for the people.”

For those who just want to broadcast themselves, whether it’s from their mobile phone, webcam, or a professional video camera, all you have to know is that BitTorrent Live will let you do so with minimal effort. For those wanting more details, the idea is based on the principles of the BitTorrent protocol: it’s designed to make real-time reporting and open expression available to all by eliminating three broadcast barriers: bandwidth, cost, and infrastructure.

Source: Click here to read the complete article about BitTorrent P2P Streaming.

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