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UPDATE: WITF Radio Smart Talk show on copyright, free exchange & the Web rescheduled 7/25 9AM

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[See original post about this show, originally scheduled for 7/23/2012]

Many people share content they find on the Internet but are you doing it legally? How do you know for sure? Because, after all, something that is available on the Internet does not equal something freely available in the “public domain”, at least as defined by copyright law.

Get the answers to these and other questions in plain English from intellectual property and entertainment law expert Associate Professor Tonya M. Evans,  on WITF Radio Smart Talk, Wednesday, July 25th 9:00-10:00 AM Eastern (89.5 and 93.3, Central PA, USA and available via live stream).

You can also participate in the convo and submit your questions and comments by following @WITFnews and @LegalWritePub.

During the show you will:

The discussion is based on Copyright Companion for Writers, by Tonya Evans.


NOTE: If you miss the LIVE broadcast:

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