UPDATE: Widener Law’s Entertainment Law Students Reflect on Skills & the Law

Source: Harrisburg Correspondent Erica Scavone (Spring 2012) law.widener.edu

Students from "The Dumas Firm" in class exercise

Now that the semester is quickly coming to a close, my entertainment law students reflect in a recent interview on their experiences. They note the skills they’ve learned and the legal doctrine they’ve mastered during the process; from privacy to piracy to a “virtual practice” and everything in between:

“Arrielle Millstein of wRap JhAM Associates says, “Professor Evans introducing our Entertainment Law class to blogging on legal topics has opened my eyes. With the state of the job market, applicants need a beefed up resume to even get an interview, I think that Professor Evans really provided us with the knowledge and experience on how to create and ‘market’ ourselves through an effective blog allowing future employers prior to interviews to know that we know and keep up with a specific area of law.”

Associate of The Dumas Firm Elijah Hartman, said, “Never have I seen such an inspirational, and ingeniously interwoven teaching method. Through action and with grace, Professor Evans imparts upon her students not only her intellectual mastery of Entertainment Law, but also her invaluable first-hand experience with law practice in the modern technological age. Our student law firm websites serve as academic, social, and professional tools – connecting us with our textbooks, each other, and employment opportunities. In a world where the ‘follow’ button is ever-so-quickly replacing the status quo handshake, I am surprised that more law school classes are not following the Evans Method.”

Liana Walters of The Mentally InFirm said, “Professor Evans is giving us a peek into how modern firms market themselves competitively using technology and some creative sparkle. Once we got our blog off the ground, updating it with fun little stories in the entertainment law realm sparked some great class discussions on current events. It’s a dose of legal reality that puts the legal theory in perspective.”

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