What you need to know abt the “Virtual Law Practice” from an Expert!

The legal market has recently experienced a dramatic shift as lawyers seek out alternative methods of practicing law and providing more affordable legal services. Virtual law practice is revolutionizing the way the public receives legal services and how legal professionals work with clients. Attorney and author Stephanie L. Kimbro is one of the revolutionaries leading the way and educating others as she does.

I had the great pleasure of moderating a panel at this year’s American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Conference on which Kimbro served. The panel, titled Technological Innovation in Practice and Education, included Kimbro’s insights as a trailblazing legal practitioner who conducts her entire law practice virtually.

If you are interested in this form of practicing law, Virtual Law Practicewill help you:

  • Responsibly deliver legal services online to your clients
  • Successfully set up and operate a virtual law office
  • Establish a virtual law practice online through a secure, client-specific portal
  • Manage and market your virtual law practice
  • Understand state ethics and advisory opinions
  • Find more flexibility and work/life balance in the legal profession

Kimbro’s practical guide also provides case studies of individual virtual law practices along with client scenarios to show how web-based technology may be used by legal professionals to work with online clients and avoid malpractice risks.

Kimbro has operated a Web-based virtual law office in North Carolina since 2006 and delivers unbundled estate planning to clients online. She is the recipient of the 2009 ABA Keane Award for Excellence in eLawyering. Her book, Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online, was published by the ABA/LPM in October, 2010 and she is currently writing Serving the DIY Client: A Guide to Unbundling Legal Services, ABA/LPM, 2012. Kimbro is the co-founder of Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC, which was acquired by Total Attorneys in the fall of 2009. Kimbro serves on the advisory board of the International Legal Technology Standards Organization (ILTSO) and is a member of the ABA eLawyering Task Force and the Vice Chair of the ABA LPM’s Ethics and Professional Responsibility Task Force.

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